Finance Department

Sandranew 1284

Director of Finance
Sandra Cost Williams

(225) 473-4247 ext. 14

The director of finance shall direct and be responsible for: Collection (except where specifically otherwise provided for by law) and custody of all monies of the City from whatever source.  Assistance to the Mayor in the preparation of the annual operating budget and capital improvement budget.  Maintenance of a record of indebtedness and the payment of the principal and interest on such indebtedness.  Ascertaining that funds are available for payment of all contracts, purchase orders and any other documents which incur financial obligation for the City, and that such documents are in accordance with established procedures. Disbursement of all funds from the City treasury. Administration of a uniform central accounting system for all City departments, offices and agencies, preparation of a monthly statement of revenues and expenditures to the mayor and Council.  Procurement of all personal property, materials, supplies and services required by the City under a central purchasing system. Preparation of all intergovernmental grant applications on behalf of the City government. Maintenance of an inventory of all property, real and personal. Investment of idle funds as permitted by law and other such activities as may be directed by the Mayor.