Boards and Commissions

Board of Zoning and Adjustment
This Board is responsible for granting variances from the City of Donaldsonville Zoning Ordinance. Contact the City of Donaldsonville at (225) 473-4247 for more information.

Ascension Economic Development Corporation:
The AEDC is responsible for implementing economic development programs to the benefit of the citizens of Ascension Parish. (

Main Street Donaldsonville (Donaldsonville Downtown Development District):
Dedicated to the revitalization and preservation of Historic Downtown Donaldsonville. The volunteer-led commission, staff-supported organization promotes the unique character of the district with the goal of transforming it into a cultural, social, professional, and retail center for the city and parish. (

Louisiana Development Ready Community:
This committee along with the City partners with the community to deliver adequate services, preserve our rich history, and to protect and enhance the quality of life in Donaldsonville for the future. ( 

Historic District:
Donaldsonville’s Historic District has been described as the finest collection of buildings from the pre-Civil War to 1933 period of river towns above New Orleans.  Donaldsonville boasts the second-largest Historic District in Louisiana, following only New Orleans’ French Quarter.(

Historic District Commission:
After final consideration of the recommendations of the planning or zoning agency of the historic preservation study committee, whichever the case may be, and upon determining that creation and establishment of a historic preservation district is in the public interest, the governing body may pass an ordinance or law creating and establishing a historic preservation district. 

Any person who demolishes a historical structure within the historic district without historic district commission approval shall be fined five thousand dollars ($5,000.00).

(Ord. of 3-28-93; Ord. No. 2005-08, § I, 6-28-05)