NOTICE: Former Lemann museum artifact owners asked to remove items


B. Lemann & Bro., Inc. is the owner of the building situated at the corner of Mississippi Street and Railroad Avenue in Donaldsonville.

The Ascension Heritage Association (ASHA) and/or the Ascension Parish Department of Tourism maintained a museum in this building, but discontinued those activties years ago. The building owner was never compensated for such use. However, to this day, there are numerous artifacts and other movable property placed in or on the premises by ASHA or others in connection with the museum and its displays.

The building owner now needs to have these items promptly removed from the building. We have communicated with former officers of ASHA and others involved with the museum or the gathering of the movables for the museum, and notified them of the need for the owners of or those having the right to possession of the items to come, make their claim or request, and then remove the items to which each is entitled, but few, if any have yet done so.

In order to have this done, the owner/claimant of the movable item should notify Charles J. Lemann, Jr., phone number: 225-473-7927, email address: of their desire to retrieve their property. A schedule for access to the building will be set during which times the building will be opened for those purposes.

Any items remaining after October 15, 2017 will be disposed by the building owner in any convenient way.

As these artifacts may be of interest or value to their owners, we ask that anyone who knows of such owners contact them and advise them of this notice and of our plans.

B. Lemann & Bro.,Inc.
317 Mississippi Street
Donaldsonville, LA 70346