LDRC working on improvement projects


Spring cleaning will be among the many projects undertaken by the Donaldsonville LDRC committee.

The LDRC, Louisiana Development Ready Communities group, is comprised of volunteers who have several plans for city improvement in 2015.

One of the members, Robyn Penn Delaney, provided an update to the Donaldsonville City Council and Mayor during the regular meeting Tuesday, March 24 at City Hall.

The LDRC has used its $15,000 budget from the city to maintain flowerbeds along city entrances, among several other projects.

Delaney said some 30 bags of fresh mulch have been placed around the beds. A crew works the areas every two weeks.

The LDRC has partnered with the Donaldsonville Downtown Development District and Louisiana Main Street for a spring cleaning project on April 25.

The annual event begins at 9 a.m. Volunteers are being recruited for the project.

Delaney said perennials will be planted along Mississippi Street and Railroad Avenue.

Also, all of the lights in Louisiana Square will be fixed, Delaney added.

In speaking of lighting, she said work will be done on all of the fixtures along Hwy. 3089 entering the city.

The LDRC has discussed cleaning brush from the banks of Bayou Lafourche. Trustees, monitored by Ascension Parish Sheriff’s deputies, recently cleared much of the area near the fire station. Some private property along the waterway still needs to be addressed, Delaney said.

Further, a replica cannon has been ordered for display at the Fort Butler historical site. The group expects the cannon to be installed in coming days.

Delaney also discussed plans for the city park located between the levee top and Mississippi Street. The park has been well utilized by families and children. In an effort to increase safety, the gravel surfaces will be replaced with a softer surface material.