Donaldsonville City Council votes to remove barking dog from private property

The Donaldsonville City Council voted Tuesday night to approve a city employee to enter private property and remove a dog, which according to a neighbor, barked excessively.

The City Council voted 5-0 for the Mayor to have the dog immediately removed by a city employee.

City Attorney Chuck Long was absent Tuesday.

Kendra London Verner and her husband Sherman Verner appeared before the Council Tuesday after the issue was added to the agenda as an amendment.

Kendra Verner stated they live at 313 Barcelona and have been unable to sleep due to the dog's constant barking.

Verner said she works as an on-call hospice nurse, and her husband as a chemical plant employee, so their sleep schedules have been interrupted by the noise.

Verner further stated that the issue has become a "feud" with neighbors.

She said she bought an outdoor bark control device from Cabela's, but it hasn't worked.

After several police reports, she said a citation had been written by Sheriff's deputies.

According to city ordinance 8-5G, barking falls under a noise violation and disturbs the peace.

The penalty for a first offense is a $200 or 10 days in jail. Each subsequent offense raises the fine and jail time.

Allegedly, the dog (described as a "pitbull") belongs to the resident's grandson, who reportedly moved to another city.