Donaldsonville Back to School Refresher Program set for July 23-27, 2018


The annual Back to School Refresher Program will be July 23 through July 27, 2018 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Lemann Memorial Center, 1100 Clay Street, Donaldsonville.

The program is open to all westbank children from pre-K to 12th grade.

Volunteer teachers and paraprofessionals will be available to assist students with a variety of skills as a summer refresher.

The event is free of charge, and the students will receive a complimentarly T-shirt. Refreshments will be available.

Questions may be directed to Volunteer Program Coordinator Robyn Penn Delaney at (225) 717-1134.

Volunteers are asked to arrive the first day at 4 p.m. to set up classes; Tuesday through Friday at 4:45 p.m. or 15 minutes before the start of their session.

Grade levels/ages targeted: Pre-K (four years old) to 12th grade students.

If requested by parents/guardians, students may be advanced to another grade level if necessary.

Teachers may use the resource information that will be provided for all age groups, or they may provide coursework they would like to use.


4:30-4:55 - Registration (All students who register before July 13, 2018 will receive a free shirt. Students may register on-site, but there is no guarantee that they will receive a shirt.

5-6 - Reading

6-7 - Math

7-8 - Science, technology, engineering, math

8-8:15 - Refreshments and dismissal

Instructors may give students 10-15 minute breaks between sessions as needed.

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