Dollar General representatives promise changes to 1st Street store

Donaldsonvillecityhall 2015

After months of trash and unkempt grass at the Dollar General store on 1st Street, company representatives promised improvements Tuesday night.

City Council members and the Mayor have addressed the issue several times over many months.

During Tuesday's regular meeting, three company employees appeared before the Council to both apologize and promise changes in the future.

Eric Young, regional director for the area, apologized and said he was not previously aware of the issue.

He said grass cutting was happening once a month during winter months (September through March), and not enough in the summer.

He has been receiving pictures of the outside from the manager, and has been visiting the store at least once a month.

"The grass was unacceptable," Young said. "It's being addressed."

Mayor Leroy Sullivan said the store's lack of upkeep was becoming an embarrassment.

"We just want it to be maintained like the other stores in the area," Sullivan said.

At one point, the city had to cut grass on the store's property.

The Mayor said the grass was so high, that the mower wasn't visible in the grass.

As hotter months approach, property owners were recently reminded of the city's grass ordinance by notices in the city's official journal.

If grass grows higher than 14 inches, it is subject to being cut by the city, at the owner's expense.

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