Community park opening ceremony held May 15


Donaldsonville Community Day was held May 15, 2016.

It was the grand opening ceremony for the new community park at The Church of Donaldsonville, located at 810 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Donaldsonville.

Ascension Parish Schools sponsored the family-friendly activities.

The new park was developed by the Leadership Ascension team, under the banner "Healthy Spaces for West Bank Faces."

The park is located at the site of the former Lowery Middle School campus.

Leadership Ascension participant Rick Bergeron, who serves as the west bank captain for the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office, said the team saw a need for a new community park in the Donaldsonville area.

"Everyone wanted to do something on the west bank," Bergeron said.

He added that both businesses and individuals in the community came together to make the park a reality.

Park Flyer

The Church of Donaldsonville welcomed the Leadership Ascension team "with open arms from the very beginning," he said.

With over $67,000 raised, the park was built in three phases. First, the playground equipment was obtained. Then, the basketball court was constructed. Lastly, a walk path was added before turning the park over.

"Children are using it now," Bergeron said. "They go out there every day."

He also added that the City of Donaldsonville contributed to making the park a success. More than 100 yards of mulch was moved to spruce up the park.

Bergeron expressed pride in the project, pointing to its neccessity.

"As a young patrolman, it was very hard to tell the kids to get out of the street when they were just playing," he said.