City of Donaldsonville receives positive financial audit report

Donaldsonvillecityhall 2015

The Donaldsonville City Council and Mayor heard a report on the city's financial audit during the regular meeting held February 28, 2017.

Postlethwaite & Netterville's Michael LeBlanc presented the findings of the annual audit.

LeBlanc said after a net accounting of assets and liabilities, the city gained $1.6 million over the 2016 year. The total net increased from approximately $8 million to $9.7 million.

Sales tax collections, in particular, bolstered the figures. LeBlanc said the tax collections, charges for services, and funding from grants boosted the numbers.

"This paints a really good picture for the 2016 year," he stated.

LeBlanc and city officials reiterated that the large-scale expansion at the CF Industries plant contributed to increased economic activity in the area. The Donaldsonville facility recently underwent a $2.1 billion capacity expansion project.

"You're in a very strong equity position," LeBlanc said.

In another matter addressed during the meeting:

APPOINTMENTS: The Mayor and Council approved several appointments.

The appointment terms are to run concurrently with those of the Mayor and Council, all of whom were sworn-in for four-year terms in January 2017.

The City Attorney will remain Charles "Chuck" Long, with Ben Johnson as Assistant City Attorney.

Marvin Gros will be the Civil Service Board Attorney.

Attorney Sidney Marchand will serve as Curator Ad Hoc in all demolition proceedings.

Glenn Shaheen will remain as City Engineer.

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