Tounge Fun Facts

Your tongue is a very important organ, but we donít talk about it very often. Unlike other vital organs, you can survive without your tongue, but itís certainly not easy. Your tongue has many purposes and is used for taste, speech, digestion, swallowing and breathing. Since even dentists donít talk a lot about the tongue, we thought weíd put together some fun facts so you could get to know your tongue better. Josey Lane Dentistry recommends checking your tounges health weekly.

1. On average the tongue has between 3,000 and 10,000 taste receptors.

2. The bumps you see on your tongue are called papillae. Taste buds are found on top of those papillae but are not visible to the naked eye.

3. Our taste buds are not only on our tongues. Taste buds can also be found on the inside of our cheeks, on our lips and underneath our tongue.

4. There are five different flavor types: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami, which is also known as savory.

5. All tastes can be sensed from all parts of the tongue. Itís a myth that certain flavors are only sensed by certain parts of the tongue.

6. Our tongues arenít only good for taste, they also help to form sounds that create words and speech.

7. On average, women have shorter tongues than men.

8. There are 8 muscles in the tongue. Four of those muscles control the tongue movement, such as side to side and retraction, and the other four allow the tongue to change shape, such as rolling or pointing.

9. Your tongue is the only muscle in your body that works without support of bones. Thatís called muscular hydrostat. This is similar to octopus tentacles or elephant trunks.

10. Your taste buds canít taste anything without saliva. Saliva is a necessary component for taste. If you place a lemon on your tongue when it is dry, you will not be able to taste that it is sour.

We hope you learned something new about your tongue from these interesting facts! This often ignored organ is very beneficial to your survival and deserves a little attention. Feel free to share these facts with your friends or on your social media!

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